Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Storms can do enormous damage to your roof and gutters, from broken roof tiles to water damage we can provide you with priority assistance. Quick repairs can prevent a storm damaged roof from sustaining further damage and gives you time to consider your permanent repair options.

Our roof repair team is always ready and offers an afterhours emergency service. If you have been impacted by an unexpected event and have sustained roof damage call us. We will assess the situation, advise you of what is required to mitigate against further damage and let you know what is required for a long-term fix.

Roof Repair


Call All Roof Repair emergency service on 1300 65 33 85

Natural disasters such as thunderstorms, trees falling onto the roof, damages caused by animals will result in damaged flashing, punctures and corroded vertical slits. Wet and mossy ceilings, water leaks, holes on the top and cracks on roof tiles can annoy you. This is when you should repair your roof adding more value, look and endurance.

FAQs about Roof Repair

1 .Does roof coating stop leaks?

Elastomeric roof coating does stop leaks. Acrylic roof coating also functions in preventing leaks but not to a great extent. 

2. What does roof coating do?

One major cause of roof coating is extending the life of the old re-assimilating roof. Other benefits of roof coating include a clean, reflective, cool roof, preparing the roof to resist damages.

3. Should I seal my roof?

If your roof is flat, then you need to seal the roof using a sealer to avoid roof damages and other issues. 

4. How often should I coat my roof?

Flat roofs require keen attention, and in general, roof coating should be done every five years. But a roof coating can stand up to 10 years.