Often Roof repointing and rebedding are part of the cleaning process but not always. If you have a cement or terracotta roof, one of the most common roof repairs is Roof repointing and re-bedding. Over time the cement deteriorates, and this leads to leakages and weaknesses in your roof structure. It is important that you have timely roof inspections and regular roof cleaning often highlights points of concern.

If a repointing or bedding problem is identified, we will work with you and recommend the best course of action. All Roof Repair will always suggest the least costly option but we’ll also clearly explain the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Re bedding and roof pointing go well together when it comes to cement and terracotta roofs. Roof bedding is placing the tiles fixed on the roof with cement mortar. Roof pointing is the second layer or rather the cover on the roof bedding. Both roof bedding and roof pointing are crucial elements that we focus when it comes to cement and slate roofs. Roof bedding and pointing is an activity carried out when building a roof. The other instances where roof bedding and pointing is needed are when holes, cracks and damages that pulled out the bedding and pointing occurs.

Roof Repointing


FAQs about Roof Repointing


1 .How do you fix roof pointing?

The place of the roof that requires roof pointing should be well cleaned. Then the damaged part should be removed, cleaned, and the freshly mixed mortar mix should be added.

2. How long should pointing last?

A period of ten years is the average period pointing can last. Neglecting the maintenance of the roof, undergoing harsh weather conditions can shrink the life span. In contrast, proper observation can elongate the pointing time frame.

3. How do you repoint the edge of a roof?

Add a mixture of cement and mortar on the edge of the roof to repoint it. Let it dry and add another layer of mortar mix for more assurance.

4. Do ridge tiles need pointing?

Yes, ridge tiles need pointing because it is the edge of the roof that connects the slope of two tops. Ridge tile repointing is necessary to repair the worn out ridge tiles.

5. What is the best mortar mix for pointing?

The best mortar mix for pointing takes five parts building sand, 1 part cement, and addition plasticiser as directed by the manufacturers. But this is altered according to the type of roof surface: structure, and the kind of damage.